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Due to the risk of dental damage, it is important to always make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your smile against the risk that can occur in your day to day life. Every action you take in life can have consequences for your smile, so it is important to exercise caution with any activities you’re involved in and adjust accordingly to keep your smile safe.

If you are suffering from dental damage in the past, it is often linked to unhealthy lifestyle habits. If you are smoking or chewing tobacco, it can lead to a downturn in the health of your teeth and gum. These actions can lead to serious infections, bad breath, stained teeth, tooth loss, and cancer. Another common issue that arises from dental damage is due to mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry, such as lip and tongue rings, is often applied to an individual’s mouth to serious damage. It can even cause nerve damage and burst blood vessels upon insertion. Mouth jewelry is also known for breaking off and causing choking hazards.

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