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If you wish to protect your teeth for many years to come, it is important to make sure that your entire smile is always cared for. A hidden danger that many individuals do not think about is the potential for oral hazards if you have a missing or lost tooth. The gaping hole could become a cesspool for bacteria and plaque buildup. In addition, it can cause your gums to destabilize and lead to tooth slippage. Thus, a replacement will be needed to ensure your smile is taken care of properly. As a replacement, consider dental bridges.

Dental bridges can dramatically restore your smile by filling in gaps that missing teeth left behind. Not only will this improve your oral health, but it will also improve the aesthetics of your tooth as well as enhance the appearance of your smile.

A dental bridge can often be used when your jaw bone is too weak for a dental implant to be placed. Dental bridges do not connect to your jawbone, but rather are bound to other nearby or neighboring teeth. With a dental bridge, you can improve your bite stability, work on space maintenance, and improve hindered functions such as speech and chewing that may have been altered or lost due to tooth loss.

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