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Are you aware of the many forms of dental damage and how to protect your smile against them? Always make sure you take extra care with your smile and avoid situations that can place your teeth and gums in immediate danger. This includes the habits you partake in and the activities you choose.

If you play any sports, it is important to make sure you’re always wearing proper safety gear. Sports are often a leading cause of dental damage, especially contact sports in which you constantly put your mouth at risk. To prevent damage to your smile, always wear the appropriate mouthguards, helmets, or face masks needed to keep your teeth safe.

Be aware of the risks involved with mouth jewelry, smoking, and drugs. Mouth jewelry can increase your risk of chipped or cracked teeth, choking, oral inflammation, and infection. Smoking can increase your risk for stained teeth, bad breath, oral cancers, tooth decay and tooth loss. Using drugs has been known to drastically damage your smile including causing tooth loss and oral cancer. Furthermore, it can also impair your physical and mental health as well.

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