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Unfortunately, oral injuries occur quite often, especially for people who play high-contact sports without wearing a quality mouthguard. Oftentimes, a blow to the face provides so much pressure that it knocks a tooth out. If this happened to you, Dr. Steven Rodriguez has specific instructions for you.

Step No. 1: Find the tooth, but don’t grab it by the roots. Make sure to pick it up by the crown, which is the visible section of the tooth when it was still in the mouth. Next, rinse the tooth by placing it in a bowl of tap water. This is only necessary if the tooth is dirty. As you clean the tooth, do not scrub it. Then, keep it in a safe place.

Step No. 2: Clean your mouth of blood and debris. You can wash the mouth by rinsing with warm water. You also need to stop the bleeding as much as possible, so place a gauze pad or moistened tea bag to the area and add pressure. When the mouth and area are clear, try to put the tooth back into place. This is the best chance your tooth has for survival.

Step No. 3: If you fail to put the tooth back into place, then you need to use other measures to keep it alive. You can try by putting the tooth between your cheek and gums. You can also put the tooth in a cup of milk or saliva, or you can put it in a tooth-saving product that you can purchase at the store. Make sure to keep it alive until you visit your dentist.

To learn more about how to save a knocked-out tooth, call Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Manchester at 734-428-8000 when you get the chance. We would also be happy to walk you through the steps of you need additional help. We look forward to helping you!