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If you have pain in your gums, one of the best things you can do is define it, which means identify the cause of the discomfort. Now, the pain might be coming from something lodged or stuck in your gums, and in that case, feel free to floss and rinse. That should help. However, sometimes more major dental problems cause the painful gums, like:

-Gingivitis: This is the first phase of gum disease, which is a serious and dangerous dental issue. You first fall victim to this stage when you fail to remove plaque from your teeth regularly. The plaque bothers the gums and makes them swell and bleed.

-Periodontitis: This is the second phase of gum disease. It develops when you ignore gingivitis and let it worsen. This causes gum pain because it irritates the gums so much that they move away from the teeth and create pockets. In these pockets, infection forms because food debris and bacteria gather there.

-Impacted wisdom teeth: Naturally, your wisdom teeth try to erupt from the gums at certain stages of life. If they try to emerge without much room, they could become impacted, which causes extreme pain in the gums and jaw.

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