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Are you familiar with the relationship between pregnancy and your dental health? To help keep your smile safe, you will want to be aware of all aspects of your oral health care that need to be kept in check. However, if you are pregnant, you could be at an increased risk for various forms of dental damage. Furthermore, oftentimes when individuals are pregnant, they tend to neglect their oral hygiene. If you fail to care for your teeth and gums properly, you could lead to several other health risks.

If you are pregnant, you will want to visit your dentist for regular treatments and checkups. Be sure to let them know you are pregnant and alert them of any prenatal vitamins or medications you may be taking. As with all times of your life, continue to clean your mouth every day with a brushing and flossing routines. If you fail to keep your mouth clean, you can increase your risk of premature delivery and gestational diabetes. In addition, make sure that you’re establishing an effective diet that is low in sugars or any other substance that may not only harm you but also your teeth and your unborn child.

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