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Halloween is almost here, which means sweets and treats will be easily obtained. With all the wonderful sights and scents coming our way, it is important to make sure your teeth and gums are well prepared for any hazards that may arise. A common condition that is produced from poor oral hygiene is known as halitosis, more commonly referred to as bad breath.

Bad breath often arises from a lack of brushing and flossing daily. In addition, neglecting your dental office visits for professional cleanings can allow plaque to manifest in your mouth which can give rise to bad breath. In addition, if you have dentures, you can also be a target for bad breath, so it is important to clean your dentures on a nightly basis.

Numerous lifestyle choices can influence your risk for bad breath, including smoking and chewing tobacco. Furthermore, medications you’re taking may produce dry mouth as a side effect, which can increase your risk of for bad breath. Even underlying issues in your body such as kidney and liver problems can increase your risk for bad breath. If you are frequently showing signs of bad breath that are not going away, visit your dentist.

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