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The oral health risks a teen faces are often vast and numerous. Although tooth decay and gum disease are constant dangers, there are many far worse forms of oral ailments awaiting those who make the wrong decisions in their teen years. Sadly, many of these oral health risks are due to one simple problem, peer pressure.

Peer pressure is often the downfall of many good people, not because they make the wrong decisions, but rather because they find themselves making decisions to appeal to others, which sooner or later is going to come back to haunt them. In many cases, peer pressure can lead to people taking unnecessary risks with both their lives and their smiles.

One of the biggest risks peer pressure causes is through the use of bad habits. Various products such as smoking and chewing tobacco, or using drugs, are bad habits destined to destroy your mouth, with little to no reward for doing them, except maybe the admiration from people for things you really shouldn’t want to be admired for. A damaged smile is not a good way to kick off adulthood.

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